Thursday, May 5, 2011

What? You Don't Find Death Funny?

suggested listening

I find death funny, to tell the absolute stark truth. Oh I know it's not funny when someone's mother or grandfather or lover dies. And I've never laughed at a funeral--scratch that, I did once. Because they were blatantly lying about the person. They said they would be sorely missed, but their own children were glad they were dead. Tragic but true. I laughed then, just a little. Anyways. With that one exception, I've always been the picture of appropriate at such occasions, regardless of my personal knowledge of the person but when it's a fictional death, that's a total different matter.

I tend to get very wrapped up in the fictional lives of fictional people. Lost is such an emotionally traumatizing show. I can sit down at my laptop, find a sad fanmade music video about Dean Winchester and be a basket-case by the time the thing is done. I remember sniffling for weeks after the Lord of the Rings. So much love! So many tragic deaths! Heroism! Nobility! Blah!

I recently discovered the wonders of webcam. For laughs I recorded myself watching a very angsty Vampire Diaries scene. Priceless. To protect my identity (and dignity) I will not post it. But oh my gods. My face when I thought someone was dying. I wanted to make a poster or something of it. It was so laughable!

Tonight, I was driving my little brothers somewhere and playing a mix cd of mine. The gorgeously dark and haunting, 'O Death' by Jen Titus came on. I turned it up and told my brothers how much appreciation I have for the song. They smiled politely at me, not wanting to risk my wrath, especially while I'm driving, but I could tell they were a little freaked out. While I was swooning over the "Nothing satisfies me but your soul" line, my poor little brothers looked like they wanted to throw themselves out of the truck.

"Wasn't that the most beautiful thing you ever hear?"

"Um...yeah. No. Not really actually it's scary."

"What???" I was genuinely surprised by their dislike of it. "How could it scare you?"

"How could it not!? It's about death!!"

Oh. Right. That...

I guess my philosophy is more like Hurley's (yes that is a Lost reference)...

"Let's look death in the face and say, 'Whatever, man'."

And maybe crack a few jokes at it too.

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  1. You are so insensitive. And hilarious. "Suggested listening" made me think of "suggested caution."
    You totally fix my creative cravings!